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Post-doc position is available at the Institut Curie (Paris, France), in the Laboratoire PhysicoChimie Curie, in close collaboration with the lab Chemical biology of membranes and therapeutic delivery.


A post-doctoral position is available at the Institut Curie in Paris (France), in the group of Patricia Bassereau for measuring interactions between membrane proteins using a new force sensorn based on DNA nanotechnology. The objective of the post-doc will be to develop and use single molecule detection (FRET) on reconstituted systems for measuring forces at the molecular scale.


This interdisciplinary project involves two teams at the Institut Curie, Patricia Bassereau for the biophysics and Ludger Johannes for cell biology and preparation of the DNA nanomachines.

Profile: The applicant should have a PhD in experimental physics, chemical engineering or biophysics with experience in single molecule fluorescence experiments, and a background on
biophysics and statistical physics. Experience on model membrane manipulation would be an advantage, but is not absolutely required.


There is no nationality restriction.


Post-doc funding is available but the candidate is expected to also apply for competitive funding.


If you are interested by this proposal, please send your CV, a motivation letter, and contact information of two researchers with whom you have worked in the past.


phone : +33 (0)1 56 24 67 84
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phone: +33(0)156 24 63 51

Job offers

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