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The position covers organisational support for logistics, administrative tasks, financing reporting and communication with the key stakeholders. Working to support the research team of Geneviève Almouzni, chromatin dynamics, the candidate will collaborate with the support group of the unit and its direction within the Institut Curie.
  Support in logistics, administrative tasks et financing reporting
• Contracts, research funding:  preparation of applications, follow up and reporting (links with funding bodies)
• Human Resources: support for call, hiring and integration of national and international new collaborators/ hosts.
• Missions, conferences & events: logistics, communications, refunds
• Plannings organisation : agendas, missions, meeting preparation
• Coordination with direction of RC on Institutionnal projects.
Communication /interactions, publications et reports
• Support in Editorial work, Education and scientific publications of the team (link with Universities).
• Follow up cases, paper submission and archive
• Update data bases : publications, missions, contracts.
• Support to prepare press releases, Web content (link with communication department at Institut Curie)
• Support to prepare various activity reports (Institut Curie, CNRS, PSL, EU grants).
• Support the team leader in evaluation and scientific expertise in France and International boards
• Write letters, mails, documents in French and English
Substitution in case of absence (emergency service)
• Ordering (purchase order), transmission of the orders to providers, litigation management, delivery slips, invoices transmission to the accounting department.
• Providing basic support to any team in the unit in case of emergency

Job offers

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