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Sex matters

Researchers from the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) are investigating how the process of dosage compensation in sex chromosomes is regulated. Their discoveries have just been published in two articles in the prestigious...

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A new quality control pathway in the cell

In a paper published today in Science, CRG researchers describe a new protein quality control system in the inner nuclear membrane. The new system has two main functions, to eliminate misfolded proteins and to protect the nucleus from...

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Unravelling cell division

At this very moment thousands of our body's cells are duplicating and dividing. This is the mechanism by which the body repairs damaged tissues and regenerates others like skin and hair. It involves a fairly complex process...

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New protagonist in cell reprogramming discovered

The protein Nanog, a transcription factor, is key to maintaining stem cells in a pluripotent state. Researchers from the Centre for Genomic Regulation have been investigating the role of this protein, and have just published an...



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CAFÉ CIENTÍFICO ONLINE: El mapa celular del coral, una nueva ruta para la conservación de la biodiversidad

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Targeted proteomics: Experimental design and data analysis