The CRG Alumni Board is a representative group of alumni that provides volunteer leadership to connect and celebrate CRG alumni and give support to the Alumni Office.


Taks and responsibilities for the entire board:


  • Check and propose objectives of the Alumni Programme in collaboration with the Alumni Coordinator and the rest of the board members
  • Motivate all alumni in the area to update their data with the Alumni office
  • Help recognize and celebrate the contributions of CRG alumni to the international scientific landscape
  • Help increase the visibility of CRG
  • Promotes the local alumni activity with all alumni they might know in the area
  • Act as a region liaison for expats arriving to that area
  • Provides ideas for events and contributes with useful contacts.


Alumni Chair:


  • Acts as representative of CRG Alumni together with the Alumni Coordinator.
  • Acts as primary contact with the CRG Alumni Office.
  • Opens the big events with a small introduction and update of the present situation of the CRG Programme.