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By joining the Alumni Community, you will have many advantages. We encourage you to register as soon as possible to start enjoying them:


  • Access to our alumni list and a network of contacts who have a shared experience in the field of life sciences and biomedical research.
    If you log in you will be able to check our registered members’ list ordered alphabetically and write a private message to any of them. You can find the list here


  • Access to our job list 
    This job list is currently open and it includes job offers from around the world. Check the latest opportunities here


  • Reduced (internal) fees to our core facilities
    CRG alumni* can access the CRG Core Facilities and Services at special rates based on availability of the resources. For more details, please contact the Head of Core Facilities, Monica Morales


    You can find the lists of prices on the following link (available only for registered members): here

*Only former CRG PIs or alumni that are current PIs are eligible to these fees.


  • TBDO spin off companies’ support*
    CRG has recently launched a program called Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EiR) which you can join if you wish to:
    For further details, please contact your TBDO manager
    • Launch a start-up based on technology and know-how already available at CRG; or
    • Take your new technology and know-how to the next level, by leveraging CRG scientific support and infrastructure.


  • Access to our LinkedIn group (CRG Alumni Global Network)
    You can join our LinkedIn group anytime here


  • Special registration fees for our international courses @CRG and reserved seats for our internal training courses- subject to availability*.
    Alumni will benefit from a 20% discount on the courses @CRG on inscription fees (please note that selection process apply) and 2 reserved slots for our internal scientific courses. For further information please contact our training coordinator, Damjana Kastelic at: training@crg.eu


*Most of the benefits are available for registered members only.

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